Hello, and welcome! My name is Hallie Nicoll and I am en endurance athlete living in New York City. Both food and athletics have always been integral parts of my life. In high school as a soccer player and track athlete I would spend my weekends baking and running, rinse and repeat! I have a Masters degree in Food Studies from NYU and a Culinary of Arts certificate from the Institute of Culinary Education. I spent the past 6 years cooking in a Michelin star rated kitchen, private homes, and doing high end catering. Over this time, my love for athletics resurfaced, and I immersed myself in triathlon. I love the sport, and have found that what you eat and how you eat plays almost as big of a role as the training itself. I hope to combine my two passions and share some of my recipes, experiences, favorite tips here.29_m-100728962-digital_highres-1312_073383-2630152